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next to the exclusive luxury department store Neiman Marcus fashion



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next to the exclusive luxury department store Neiman Marcus fashion

The 27-year-old Prom Dresses 2016 brand designer Sean Oliver (Shayne Oliver) 2014 Louis Vuitton Young Fashion Designer Award (2014 LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers) winner, he said: "The designer's work is not just having a think two ideas. wear fashion show their charm through the fashion, with fashion interpretation of our lives, this is our designer's mission in black culture, the design of the clothes is not a man doing the job. "facts on most cultural context, costume design matter who is not a good job, most people think the job is quite unstable. But the latest Pratt Institute (the Pratt Institute), Parsons School of Design (Parsons the New School for Design) and the American Fashion Institute of Technology New York State University (the Fashion Institute of Technology) and some other well-known American fashion design school offers data show that African-Americans are less fashion this phenomenon is likely early in the school has already begun. (These students have a lot of Fashion Design School as an assistant or intern at Ralph Lauren [Ralph Lauren], Michael Kors and Gucci and other big fashion.) American Fashion Institute of Technology New York State University African-American student ratio is relatively high. 2014 fashion design school graduates in that time, African-American students accounted for 8%. Parsons School of Design and Pratt Institute of Design with graduates of 2014, the proportion of African-American students respectively 3.31% and 1.9%. Parsons School of Design in the past decade in which this ratio is 4% down. The same year the Asian American professional graduates SUNY Fashion Institute of New Prom Gowns Technology University, the proportion is 10%, in the Parsons School of Design accounted for 13.78%, compared with the Pratt Institute of Design is to reach 15%. Up to CEO Steven Kolb Designers Society of America (Steven Kolb), next to the exclusive luxury department store Neiman Marcus fashion director Ken Downing (Ken Downing), the fashion magazine "W" edit Sri Lanka Stefan Northrop Tong Qi (Stefano Tonchi), fashion people quick to point out, in the fashion industry, talent can always get a reasonable return and praise. The fact is that, when one of the most important awards in the industry application designer CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund (CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund), initially only need to submit their collections, without giving their race information. Nevertheless, people still ask: there has been the first thing you see, it really Mermaid Prom Dresses 2016 is the designer's talent? (Nearly 11 years, participated in CFDA / Vogue Fashion Awards finalists, the number of African-American designer pitiful.) "Each year from fashion design school students graduated and fashion various color is not very balanced, to deliver us CV designer is not very common for each color, "said Osborne, one of the fashion brand founder of Public School won the CFDA / Vogue fashion Fund in 2013," in fact, we rarely receive African-American designer's resume. and I think, in all of these fashion brands, our Public School has been the most receptive to African-American designer, because I happen to be black, and my partner is Asia people. "African-American fashion design school students the reason why the number of rare, and most likely also related to the economic situation of African Americans.

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